Welcome to the TNT Lab.

The Traumatic Nerve Technologies (TNT) lab conducts research in many diverse areas! We are taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding nerve injuries, cell repair strategies and technologies that assist in prevention, identification and treatment of nervous tissue injuries. By advancing the fundamental understanding of the behavioral, morphologic, and molecular mechanistic repercussions accompanying traumatic injuries, we will further identify molecular targets and outcome measures needed for effective treatment strategies.

Our Department

The Virginia Tech Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics is a unique multidisciplinary interface between fundamental mechanics, biomedical science, and real-world applications to enhance the quality of life. Our world-class faculty and students innovate and discover across a continuum of systems, from natural to engineered to medical.

Recent Publications

Distinguishing the Unique Neuropathological Profile of Blast Polytrauma
WB Hubbard, S Greenberg, C Norris, J Eck, E Lavik, P VandeVord Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2017

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    Phone: 540-231-1994
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