Funding & Support

We believe that graduate students are most successful when financial support opportunities are made available. Students are chosen by our faculty for admissions and are given the opportunity to pursue funding during the graduate recruiting weekend in the spring. Financial funding is not centrally managed and varies between the two campuses depending on the applicant, degree program, campus location, and faculty advisor.

Students who are admitted to the Virginia Tech campus in the master's and doctoral programs may be offered a funding package consisting of a stipend, tuition remission, coverage of some student fees, and a health-insurance subsidy. Students in the accelerated master's program are typically self-funded but may be offered financial assistance as well depending on the faculty advisor.

At the Wake Forest campus, doctoral students are offered a stipend, tuition remission, and a laptop. Master's students enrolled at the Wake Forest campus are offered a partial tuition scholarship, a laptop, and may receive additional financial support for a stipend or tuition by the faculty advisor.

All funding package offers are sent in a separate letter from the department after the admissions letter from the University has been sent. Financial letters will detail the terms of the funding package typically for the first year or may include multiple years. All subsequent funding decisions are made at the program level and typically depend on students' academic progress. Students with funding questions or concerns should contact the program's director of graduate study or the graduate coordinator.

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