Financial Support

SBES supports many of their students with graduate research assistantships (GRAs), teaching assistantships (TAs), or fellowships. As part of the application process, the SBES Graduate Admissions Committee will automatically consider all accepted applicants for an assistantship or fellowship. Priority is given to PhD candidates. Financial support is also occasionally offered to candidates for the M.S. degree. Selection for these awards is competitive. Offers are made in early spring on a competitive basis, and candidates will be contacted by email and letter when decisions are made. When awarded, financial support typically includes payment of tuition, a stipend, and a subsidy for student health insurance.

The consideration process for financial assistance is the same on both campuses for international as well as domestic students.  Applications are initially evaluated for admission to the program – a decision which is based on the quality of the applicant’s record.   Financial offer assessment is a separate step; some offers are made simultaneously with the admission decision, others follow the admission decision at a later time.  As stated above, the majority of students will be supported initially by fellowship or assistantship offers from one of several sources: the graduate school, the biomedical engineering department, or individual faculty grants.  However, any admitted student who is not made a financial offer, but may have the means to self-support can join the program on his/her own funding if a faculty member is found who is willing to serve as the advisor and chair of the student’s committee.  Examples of self-support include family/personal funds, outside scholarships or fellowships (Ex. NSF, NIH), the military, employer/company, and government.

Another potential route is financial aid directly from Virginia Tech or Wake Forest University. Information on these funding opportunities can be found at: