X-Ray Systems Lab

About Us

The X-ray Systems Lab aims at developing novel medical imaging technologies for biomedical and bioscientific discovery, radiological diagnosis, and medical intervention. Directed by Dr. Guohua Cao, the lab focuses on novel x-ray sources, detectors, and systems engineering. Our research activities are interdisciplinary and translational, and interface between basic sciences, translational development, and clinical applications. [Read more...]

Research Highlight

What's New

  • Mr. Hao Gong joined the X-ray Systems Lab as a graduate student, and was named a Pratt Scholar in the SBES - a very prestigious award for the most outstanding students. Welcome and congratulation!! (08/2012)
  • Dr. Cao presented an invited paper at the SPIE Optics+Photonics 2012 Conference - Developments in X-Ray Tomography VIII. (08/2012)
  • Mr. Omid Ghasemalizadeh passed the Mechanical Engineering PhD Qualifying Examination. Congratulation! (04/2012)
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